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Japanes Meditation Classes
Develop an inner quiet that is restorative and calming

Monday 9 January
7.40 - 8.40 pm
Dublin Holistic Centre
(Drop-in €15 / Early Bird €10 - until 3 January)


For all levels of experience
Starts Monday 23 January
7.40 - 8.40 pm, Dublin Holistic Centre
Drop-in available

EARLY BIRD special only €55
until midnight Monday 16th of January
(€65 thereafter; drop-in €15)

(or contact Tessa for more information)~


Would you like to feel more grounded and calm this year? Whether you are a long time meditator or a complete beginner, we all benefit from solidifying our meditation practice. Do you recognise that feeling after the busy holiday season that you may not have spend as much time meditating as you would like (and need) to? Or maybe you have never meditated before and feel this is the right time to begin?

Start the New Year with a wonderful class 'New Year, New Beginning', where we will focus on coming back to ourself after the holidays and to create inner calmness and relaxation at the start the new year.

If you would like to work on deepening your meditation practice, you may also like to join the 5 week '(Re-)Start your Practice' course.
In this course we will focus on (re-)starting and deepening your meditation practice. We will practice traditional Japanese and Mindfulness meditation techniques that will help you to calm your mind and be better able to cope with daily stresses in life.

This course is suitable for beginners and experienced meditators alike. We will support you to establish and deepen your meditation practice throughout the course. There will also be ongoing support between the classes through the Lift Your Spirit meditation facebook group where you can share your experineces and ask questions


Many of us are living busy lives and tend to often be in our heads with a constant stream of thoughts. We often forget to check in with ourselves, to be present and aware of whom we truly are.
Japanese Mindfulness Meditation

Lift Your Spirit’s Japanese Meditation Classes offer an opportunity to create a space where you allow yourself to spend quiet time to let go of the outside world and to practice techniques that help you to discipline the mind and to balance and connect mind, body and spirit.

Each class is run as a complete meditation practice and will include discussion of the practices, guided meditations, and contemplation. The practices used aim to create balance between body and mind.

The classes are open to everyone who is interested in meditation, whether you are a complete beginner or have experience with meditation.
Japanese Meditation Practices:

The meditation practices used in these classes are based on the Japanese Energetic System, also called The Three Diamonds. The focus is on three energy centres, the Hara (belly), the head and the heart.

In Japanese meditation practices the body-mind connection is central: the techniques used help you to get out of your head and bring your awareness back into your body. This helps focus the mind and helps you to become more grounded and present.

The techniques used are characterised by simplicity. Elements we work with include utilising breath, Ki (energy) cultivation and awareness, precepts (way of being).
Benefits of Meditation Classes:
Meditation can help you to:
~ manage stress
~ be happier
~ be healthier
~ be present
~ be more focussed
~ create inner peace
~ sleep better

Practical Info

Monday, 7.40-8.40 pm
January 23, 30; February 6, 13, 20

Dublin Holistic Centre
28 South William Street

Online €65; at the door €67
Drop-in €15
Early Bird only €55

NOTE: Booking is essential, places are limited to max. 10-12 people per class.

The classes are led by Tessa van Keeken, qualified Holistic Therapist, Life Coach, NLP Practitioner and Reiki Master & Teacher.

For more information, contact Tessa:
Phone: 087 3525995