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“I went to Tessa after experiencing significant work and life stresses. She provided a couple of sessions of Reiki which really helped me to cope on both an emotional and physical level with my stresses. I returned to her to have several Aromatherapy massage sessions which actively eased stiffness in my back and muscular and joint pains.
I would highly recommend Tessa. She is thoroughly professional and attentive in providing the best holistic treatments to cope with life stresses and problems.”
~ Brian K., Dublin

"I went to Tessa for a course of hand reflexology treatments last year. I had previously had foot reflexology treatments which I enjoyed. I was very happy with the hand reflexology; it was so relaxing and really effective. Tessa is a very professional therapist, extremely well informed and a genuinely caring person. I would recommend her for any of the wonderful therapies she practices - aromatherapy, indian head massag & life coaching as well as reiki."
~ Jenny S., Dublin
"I attended with Tessa for a course of aromatherapy massage and what a difference it made. She really is superb; all the complaints I was suffering with, and preferences I had were taken into account meaning Tessa really tailored the treatment to me and when I left every session I felt wonderful, revitalised and relaxed. I would recommend Tessa to anyone without reservation!"
~ Shona W., Dublin

"I had several sessions of reflexology with Tessa shortly after the birth of my daughter. It was fantastic! Just what I needed to relax following the huge adjustment that a child brings. It was my first time trying reflexology and I would definitely recommend it."
~ Rachel T., Dublin

"I had several sessions of Aromatherapy with Tessa, and I found it excellent! She tailored the therapy to suit my mood and I found it very uplifting."
~ Celena K, Dublin

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